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Retail Stores

Retail stores are highly competitive and shopper driven business units. Attracting new shoppers and increasing the spending of existing ones are the main challenges faced by retailers. With the right analytical tools, retailers are able to make the right operational and strategic decisions. These insights allow retailers to identify their main drivers, assess their merchandising strategies and design their store layout accordingly. Measuring store traffic accurately is the first priority to manage existing resources effectively, thus increasing turnover and shopper satisfaction.

Shopping Mall

Shopping malls are one of the most attractive places in modern cities. As a mall manager, it is extremely important to provide shoppers with a unique shopping experience. It is also essential to satisfy shop tenants by driving sufficient shopper traffic in front of their stores. Achieving the right balance could be tricky but with the right analytical tool it could become effortless. The insights provided by WyseTime analytical tools enable mall managers to understand shopper journey within the mall. They can also identify key zones and accurately measure mall traffic. Therefore mall managers have the complete supervision on both shopper experience and tenant satisfaction


Airports host the most dynamic traffic in the world. Tracking the movement of crowds from the moment they pass the security check until they get on the plane is crucial for efficient operations, staff allocation and positive experience. Naturally passengers desire to spend less time waiting at counters or security check. Instead they want to take the opportunity to shop without tax liabilities.

Events & Exhibitions

Events and exhibitions are strategies used by businesses to connect with their audience. It is an opportunity for businesses to directly interact with their potential and existing customers to generate new sales. Organizers judge the success of an event or exhibition based on the traffic. This is where our people counting system will be very valuable to you. It will provide you with accurate footfall report. Our people tracking system will enable you to discover and control visitors’ flow. It will give you the power to eliminate dead spot. You will also have the ability to share the results with the participants. This will enable them to calculate their ROI and judge the effectiveness of their marketing strategies.

Theme Park

Theme parks are perhaps the most visited attractions in the world after musical concerts and sports events. A park with hundreds of activities and thousands of children running around is quite difficult to manage and oversee. It is even more challenging to ensure that all visitors remain safe while enjoying an unforgettable experience.

Visitor analytics technologies help theme park managers keep tabs on all visitors, anticipate and manage queues; and maintain orderliness and hygiene in common areas like food courts, baby care rooms, and bathrooms. 

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