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The latest disease Novel Coronavirus outbreaks around the world. 

How do we manage the epidemic prevention control, temperature control to ensure the normal site operation, personal health and life safety in high traffic area?

AI Epidemic Prevention Management system is operated based on Artificial Intelligence, IoT and Big data analytic technology.


It provides rapid body temperature detection and mask wearing detection together with the instant alert notification system. The information effectively to assist epidemic prevention

The 8-inch binocular facial recognition
fever screening access tablet

allows person in based on facial recognition and takes temperature simultaneously.


It implements the following functions:
face-based access control, anti-spoof, fever screening, attendance reporting
and no-face-mask alerts.


The fever screening tablet can also be managed with cloud reporting.

Accurate Facial Recognition

  • Liveness Detection

  • Facial Recognition Algorithm Even with Face Mark

  • Fast Recognition Time within a Second

  • Supporting Multiple Complicated Environments

  • Support Local Database of 25000  Subjects

  • No face-mask face alert

Infrared Temperature Measurement

  • Non-contact Infrared Temperature Measurement

  • Accuracy: ±0.3°C

  • Real-time Body Temperature Display

  • Fever Alert

Reliable Hardware Platform

  • Reliable Linux System

  • Working Environment : -25°C to 60°C

  • Weatherproof: IP65

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