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Discover the power of AI to build and deploy Intelligent Apps in days. WyseTime is a Computer vision platform that makes it easy to train, combine and deploy advanced models to your code.

Our Vision AI Application


WyseTraffic is a leading traffic analytic platform to explore behaviour of vehicle, pedestrians and bikers and gain valuable data for traffic safety and design improvements.

Detect vehicle classes, vehicle moving direction, people’s movement patterns, spot undesirable events and discover how your local active transportation evolves over time.

Vehicle Counting
Traffic Data Analytic
Traffic Junction
Pedestrian Monitoring
Traffic Flow
People Counting
Heatmap and Zone Analytics
Store Analytics
Queue Management
Age & Gender Analytic


WyseRetail stands as a premier people counting solution, crafted to monitor, follow, and evaluate your customer flow, delivering analytical insights crucial for your marketing and operations teams.

Detect essential customer behaviors like visit frequency, engagement duration, and queuing patterns. By gaining a deeper insight into your customers experiences, you can consistently prioritize their needs.


WyseSafety is a cutting-edge safety platform designed to enhance workplace security by monitoring PPE compliance, controlling access areas, and enforcing vehicle pathways.

This solution detects safety protocol breaches, unauthorized access, and improper vehicle use, ensuring a secure and well-regulated environment. Elevate your safety standards with WyseSafety.

PPE Detection
Zone Control
Behavioral Detection
Occupancy Metrics
Smoke and Fire

Revolutionize Your Industry with WyseTime Vision AI

Data & Analytic Dashboard

Unlocking Actionable Insights with Vision AI

Transform data into decisions with WyseTime video analytics dashboard—your all-in-one solution for real-time insights and actionable intelligence.

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Industries We Serve

Shopping Mall
Shopping Mall
Smart Traffic
Smart Traffic
Warehousing & Logistics
Warehousing & Logistics
Smart Cities
Smart Cities

Why Choose WyseTime

Easy Integrations

Easy Integrations

Easy Installations
Deployment Flexibility
Continuous Improve

Expert Support

Expert Support

Our team are highly specialized in the industry and matters they are dealing with.

Continuously Improved

Continuously Improved

Get your hand on the latest Artificial Intelligence technology without worry, we do it for you.

Flexible Deployment

Flexible Deployment

Our platform is adaptable to several camera types and brands. No need to change or replace your CCTV, as long as it meets our minimum specifications.

Privacy & Security

Alignment with global standards

Our operations comply with international security and privacy protocols, avoiding the collection of personal data. We perform yearly audits of our policies, systems, and procedures to maintain their relevance and accuracy.


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